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Time For Work At Home Moms To Avoid Burnout 10 Tips

Time For Work At Home Moms To Avoid Burnout 10 Tips

Time For Change

Working at home is a wonderful way to spend time with your kids while still supplementing the family’s income. On the flipside, it can be challenging to be mother and employee at the same time. Your stress level will rise when you have deadlines to keep or phone calls to make while your little ones are acting out. Implement a few of the ideas below to prevent Work at Home Mom Burnout.

10 Tips

1. Don’t work more than you need to. Money isn’t everything. Your family wants a happy and sane mother.

2. Create a schedule or to-do list both for your personal life and work. Just know that you won’t always get everything done, but do not be worried. There’s always tomorrow.

3. Designate an errand day. Spend one day a week running around town getting everything. That is when you are going to the grocery shop, drop off things at the dry cleaner, go to the post office and anything else you need to do.

4. Enjoy your kids. Just take some time. Have a picnic lunch in the yard, take them on a field trip or just play catch for some time. Remember you would like to spend time with your kids, that’s why you’re a work at home mother. House and work chores can wait as you play.

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5. Go out on a date with your spouse. Make date night a regular occurrence and connect with your lover.

6. Have lunch with a girlfriend. We need some adult conversation. Make time to stay in touch with your friends.

7. Call a friend. If you are having a bad day call and just talk for some time. When you get back, you will be relaxed and rejuvenated.

8. Get some exercise. Go for a walk, join a gym, or attempt a Pilate’s class. Exercise is not only going to keep you in shape, but it’s also a great de-stressor.

9. Play some upbeat music and dance around the area. If the neighbors and your children think you have lost it, who cares? You are releasing all of that pent-up physical energy and are having fun.

10. If you own a business, stick to one until it runs itself. By trying to run several companies at the same time you will burn yourself out.


Family Is Not An Important Thing It’s Everything

Start implementing a few of these ideas today and watch your stress level return. Work at home burnout will be prevented if you use a few of these ideas and will make life more enjoyable. Your family members will love spending some time with a fun and relaxed mom. That’s what it is all about — spending quality time with your family

The information in this guide is for educational purposes only and isn’t intended as medical advice.

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