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Work To Achieve Financial Freedom

Reasons To Achieve Financial Freedom Part 2

No pushy boss or supervisors

I’ve been in many jobs, all low paying, with pushy supervisors and managers that acted like they owned the place, all with different views on how to do the job and with very nasty attitudes. I hated going to work, sometimes I even hated getting out of bed in the morning, the job didn’t feel worth it, no one encouraged you to do the best, they just implied and insisted it.

They showed me the difference between a boss and a leader and only a few were able to show true leadership displaying what was necessary to maintain proper operation.

Work should it be torture?

When you’re working for someone else especially someone non-caring it’s a very difficult environment to be in;

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    • get to work late due to a problem out of your control
    • take too long at lunch
    • take a break due to fatigue
    • had to make a phone call while working
    • get sick and have to take time off from work
    • have to leave work early for whatever reason

all the above-mentioned cause problems because you’re expected to be superhuman in jobs and not get tired or sick, you’re expected to always be early regardless of circumstances beyond your control.

These things don’t happen at every place of work, some bosses are very courteous and understanding.

Now to rid yourselves of these problems you should work for yourself, be your own boss, set your own times and make your own rules. Just know that doing this comes with all new problems and actions so you have to be prepared and do whatever it takes, that’s if you are up to it.  Be prepared, get the right training and take the right actions.

Working for someone else is overrated and it restricts your freedom and sometimes your actions.

Ever had a dream to do more but you can’t because you’re stuck behind a desk or at a mall at a dead end job?

Ever saw someone that needed help financially and being able to give them a job would help them?

Ever was too tired at work and just wanted to leave without telling anyone and still be able to go back the next day and still have a job?

Well it’s all possible but you really have to want it; want it as bad as you want food or air. Despite the added responsibility and hours being a business owner is a really good experience so do it, don’t try it, do it. Go all in, burn your bridges and make that leap and no matter how many times you fail, pick yourself up, use the failures as stepping stones and make your way up.

Stop trapping yourself in your own beliefs and do something unexpected, out of the ordinary, the time to be different is now, not tomorrow, not an hour from now, do it now.

If you continue to procrastinate the universe will pick that up and continue giving you what you want so be careful what you accept.

Get uncomfortable and escape the rat race, do it now.

This is Corey-Al Francois saying keep pushing, never give up and never give in

Follow The Millionaire Enthusiasm Movement.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself – George Bernard Shaw

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