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Women And Men We All Wish!

Today I witnessed something with one of my friends. She was so sad and depressed. She could not even focus on her work in the office. Her women friends kept asking her what had happened. Did something go wrong? They were shocked at the answer they got.

“I had a conversation during breakfast this morning,” she said, “when my husband made a remark “Dear, my friend introduced his girlfriend yesterday.” “How did she look?” “She is slim built and fairer than you.” Now she’s wondering how she can make her skin cleaner, brighter and lose weight for their anniversary.

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All women are obsessed when it comes to dealing with their beauty. All ages. For many years, even centuries. Yet we forget that beauty only goes as deep as our skin, with the eyes, for some of us. Please, do not take this the wrong way. External beauty matters a lot but the beauty from within our souls is what gives our skin that special glow.

Fun Fact

You can have an old beat up piano playing the most beautiful music and have a brand new piano playing the worst music ever heard, similar in this case with some women. I am not here to point fingers or bash women. Some of us, we know who we are, have the looks of an angel but have some very bad and damaging ways. A woman who is beautiful on the inside and who looks very beautiful with a makeover is a mans everything.

The Truth

Not all women who take part in these beauty shows are beauty Vloggers. Most people of interest have to pamper themselves for days with body lotions, creams, and many more products on the market. They also have to be on a strict diet of warm water and lemon juice most of the time. The make-up artists do amazing work on the faces of the participants. Embellishing and carving a work of art on their faces just to make their skin “pop”. Only when the competition is over, and the cosmetic “everything” is taken off from their bodies, do they realize how naturally beautiful they are.
Domestic Travel Deals! Take up to $40 ◊off with Promo Code USA40. Book Now!The natural glow will happen if you’re a woman that has a wonderful smile, a beautiful heart and maintains a good shape. Also, maintain a proper diet, keep your soul magnificent and clean and you will be awesome.
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First off If you’re looking for a partner!

Do not judge a book by its cover. It’s never a good thing to do that. Yet most of us do it, even me, at times. Keep reminding your self it’s much more than just the looks. Yes, looks are the first thing that catches the eyes, I totally agree, but you need to fight it.

She may be fine on the outside and not so nice of a person on the inside.  It’s hard to tell at the time. Persons can act like the one, for many years, then suddenly turn out to be a totally different person. Keep a close eye out and watch for the signs.


Or it might be vice versa where she might not be as beautiful on the outside but can be wonderful inside! This is usually the case. Lots of nice people, we tend to shy away from them because of what our eyes show us.  When we look with our hearts and souls we then find the most beautiful person. The eyes can be deceiving at times when it comes to judging a person or persons. So if you’re looking for something good always trust your heart and soul.

Not Only Women

Not only women, even some men I know are now becoming more aware of their appearance. Women these days consider external beauty as one of the requirements of a husband, partner or lover. The increasing number of family saloons worldwide proves that the entire family wants to appear happy and beautiful. Who is to judge them? Some homes are just as broken as some of the persons appearing to be happy.

With that being said, at the same time, a valued education on inner beauty is also needed. To make them understand that a beautiful soul glows more than beautiful skin. Beauty fades over the years and you will begin to use age-defining creams and anti-wrinkling creams. Hair loss products and lots of things to maintain your appearance will also be used.  The only thing that can make your inner beauty fade is you. So hold on to that with both hands and do not let go for it’s worth a lot more.  Some people think that as we get older we need more beautiful souls around us as our eye sights fade.

Share With Us

Tell us what you think my friend should have done. Is she doing the right thing? I honestly believe that she should make that effort for the anniversary but not because of someone else. Make it because of you. Also do not ever forget to: Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful, Live Beautiful. – 8KBEAUTY.

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