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Take Baby Steps

Take baby steps. It was the first in a long time I decided to go beauty shipping.  To remind myself I wrote a note in my hand, “take baby steps, don’t spend too much”. I decided to go to a local mall known as Sheraton Centre. I started with my favorite the face, and feet. First, I visited the makeup store. I started to experience what my son feels when he goes to the candy store. With a wide variety of brands such as N.Y.X, Sleek makeup, Malani, L.A.Girl, e.l.f Cosmetics and much more, I was ecstatic.
The contour palettes got my attention but by taking one look in my left hand that crave quickly disappeared. I then took a look at the lipsticks. Oh, the colors so vibrant. I wanted them all. However, I was beginning the long journey of control.

e.l.f. cosmetics

I love shopping; I’m a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl, but I go classy when I dress up – with a little bit of sexy.Adrianne Palicki


I calculated the stuff I wanted with my phone and the 5 items came to $89.32 BBD about ($44.66 USD). Next, I visited the apparel store. “Time for some shoes,” I said to myself after being greeted with a lovely smile from a young male worker. ” How can I help you today? ” and I replied, “shoes, shoes, shoes, show me the shoes.”  I got right to it. My style of preference is sandals, but today I decided to get some heels after some “sole” searching no pun intended,
I was down to two pairs to choose from. The black and the brown, and I wanted to take them both. However, the reminder again played its part.


The shoes were $69.95 BBD ($34.97 USD) and I am well within my budget.  On my way out, I spotted something colorful and I was drawn to it. The fabric was so lovely, and as I turned around I started to see more and more. I browsed the store for a while and I stumbled upon something my son would love “Dora The Explorer” printed material. Asking a question,post-image-1 I was amazed at the number of color selections available and how reasonable the prices were. Finally, I went over to what had caught my eyes, a beautiful tie-dyed pattern material.  Constantly, I asked myself, what can I make with this, what would be the perfect outfit or swimwear. After about 10 minutes of hard deliberations, I walked away with great pain. Deciding to stick to the plan and spend only on what is needed, I left the store after taking some shots. This was to remind me of how happy I was at that very moment and the material to request later.

I headed to the food court. I repeat “FOOD” court. The smell of all the different foods from different countries and cultures was overwhelming. I decided to stick to a classic pizza. Some would say “pineapple doesn’t go on pizza” but I say “screw those people, I love pineapple”. The slice, along with a bottle of water totaled $12.95 BBD ($ 6.47 USD). You be the judge on the price. Upon reaching home I give myself a pat on the back for keeping in my budget of $200.00 BDS ($100.00 USD). Total monies spent on my first day $172.22 BDS ($ 86.07 USD). Not a bad start. With the amount of mother’s day sales in the mall, the shopper rush wanted to take over. But my friendly hand reminder  “Take Baby Steps” did its job perfectly. With a little bit of control, you too can budget like me or even better.

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