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Student Loans – The Guide To Financial Freedom

Reasons To Achieve Financial Freedom Part 3

No experience or qualifications necessary

Unlike a government job, hotel job or agency job, achieving financial freedom requires no experience nor qualifications because you can start from where ever you are and with whatever knowledge you have.

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Student loans

Children go to school for years to learn so-called life lessons but unless their desire is to become a teacher, most of what they learned is useless. Hence they go to college or university to learn something relating to the field of their interest. They spend thousands of dollars, most of their time and energy learning a specific subject and all the while having to work a part-time job to pay for the student loans.

Working 2 jobs at a time is tiring and stressful and you spend most of your time away from your family and loved ones and the same stands true for working and going to school but sometimes it has to be done. Or does it?

Pure Silk

To answer the above question, no it doesn’t have to be done. They’re certain people that are needed in certain professions like doctors, nurses, lawyers etc but those should be reserved for people with a real passion for those things.

Most people seek work to earn money and are not passionate about what they do hence only putting in enough effort to the exact amount of work so they would be paid. The same goes for tertiary students, they want to make a lot of money so they get student loans, go to college, study for 4 plus years but their heart and mind aren’t really into it, they just want money therefore not putting in the effort necessary to properly compete for the courses and eventually wasting the money and still having to pay student loans.

Adrianna Papell 728 x 90

I know you’ve heard the term college drop out but some go on to do great things and some just give up.

I want to tell you that in everything there is great hope but you have to believe because if you don’t you will never try.

Financial Freedom has been frowned upon by lazy minded people with a poverty mindset that would rather settle for a so-called secure job, living pay check to pay check, only having enough to get them by and believing that is the best and only way for them to go because that’s what they learned growing up.

We were made to be abundant creatures but we can’t do that if we ever hardly have and can’t help others.

We’ve got to think bigger, stop just thinking about ourselves and think about the people that we can help if we just had enough.

The thing with financial freedom is that anyone can achieve it, no matter what their education status is, what experience they have or where they’re from, you have to know how and they’re many free ways to learn how to. You don’t have to spend years in college or get expensive student loans that you may have to spend the rest of your life paying for. You don’t have to put yourself in serious negative debt to achieve financial freedom.

Their many ways to achieve financial freedom, just get up and look for it, stop thinking so small, stop being so lazy minded and grow the way you were intended to do.

Stop limiting your bank account and your finances, stop listening to people that say to get a good job and save money for retirement.

I ask my children today,” how do you get rich,” and their answer was, get a job and save money. Now I didn’t teach them that, they probably learned from at school and I understand why. Teachers have no idea on how to get rich so hence should never be giving advice about money or getting rich.

You’ve got to get the right information to help you on your journey.

I’m going to help you with that so pay close attention and take some notes.

If you could receive emails to assist you on your journey would you open them?

If you were given proven systems to help you reach financial freedom would you sign up for them?

Or would you procrastinate and waste time too afraid to try something and hence damning your financial future.

Choose wisely.

Adrianna Papell 728 x 90

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Corey-Al Francois saying keep pushing, never give up and never give in.

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