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Never Give Up

Reasons To Achieve Financial Freedom Part 4

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Helping Others

Never Give Up. Ever wanted to make a difference, a really big difference but it required money that you don’t have or know how to get?


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Yeah, so do I. Growing up I kept asking myself what my purpose on earth was and it kept coming to me that I should help others and so I did but I still felt empty. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, felt like something was missing and I could do a whole lot more.

The Lost

I’ve seen people lose their jobs due to cutbacks, people lose their homes due to fire or debt and I always wished that I could help them. I have prayed so hard, so much, Lord please show me a sign. You know we ask for signs and when we get them we either don’t recognize them or don’t believe that was the sign and therefore we go back to our regular scheduled programming.

The Awakening

I got one big sign in December of 2017 and this one blew my mind and I took action immediately and now I’m on the road to Financial Freedom and I want to take countless millions with me because I believe that everyone should have what they want in life and not just see others happy with those things and can’t have them. It really isn’t fear or right, you should never lack for anything, you should have more than enough and be able to help others.

They are people in this world that sadly can’t help themselves financially because of health, geographic location, war and even lack of knowledge and those people deserve to be helped, they deserve to have everything they want and not go hungry or thirsty.

Never Give Up

One person being financially free or even super-rich can help so many people so imagine a few rich ones, the things they can accomplish together.

Today’s blog will be short, I’m just urging you to get yourselves together, get your money right and help someone, help many others, let’s make a difference, leave your legacy behind and your name will live on forever, you will be basically immortal.

This is Corey-Al Francois saying keep pushing, never give up and never give in.


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