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Knowledge And The Lack of It

Lack of Knowledge

One can be rich in knowledge and be poor in money. Riches can be described as an abundance of material, mental and spiritual things, for instance,

To attain true riches in every form, you must be dedicated to do so and achieve the right knowledge to do so. You cannot become rich in knowledge if you don’t first have the right knowledge to learn from. It’s impossible. The same goes for material and spiritual riches. You have to know how to get them and that requires the right knowledge.

Knowledge is all around but you have to make a decision to find, learn and then use that knowledge.

The Brain

It’s a known fact that once you stop using your brain and mind, you start to wither away. Forgetting simple things, not able to keep up with an educated conversation, not knowing how to use your mind correctly and basically become a slow thinker.

material riches

Let’s talk about material riches…… To become rich in money you have to know how to. What steps to take and what resources to use.  This doesn’t include playing the lottery. As I said before, if you win millions of dollars and don’t invest any of it, you’ll end up spending all of it foolishly.  Can you imagine winning over 100 million dollars and within the small space of 5 years you’ve spent it all? You bought a house, a few cars, gave some to charity, etc, instead of investing in a business to bring in more income. Therefore just enjoying the money while it lasted but can’t do so after it’s gone. You will be left with everything you ever wanted with no way to maintain them and having to file for bankruptcy.

Once you have the knowledge to build and maintain wealth you will.  Or should I say, you should not squander your wealth trying to look rich and stand out? Just take your time, the things you want will come to you once you work towards them.  They will not come overnight, they will come over time once you work and grow.


Now, this should have been the first point because this is the one that will destroy dreams as they are formed.

Many people think up brilliant ideas that would help them and the people around them but fail to act on them because of indecision. They seem afraid to follow that dream for some reason or the other, therefore killing it before it came to be. Before it could help them or change their lives.


Imagine if Steve Jobs didn’t make the decision to follow his dream there would be no I phones. Or if Thomas Edison didn’t make his decision, there would be no incandescent light bulb.

You see, your dreaming or idea might one day change the course of history. Making things better.  So why kill them, why fail to decide and fail to act?  It’s completely selfish.

People say that all rich people are greedy and selfish. Selfish is not becoming rich and then helping people financially that would, therefore, suffer without your help. There’s so much good that can be done if you have the money to do it and if you make the decision to get the money.

 Listening to the wrong people

Listening to and accepting what the wrong people tell you can destroy your future and your happiness.

growing up in the church and through the years it was embedded in me that the love of money is the root of all evil. You should work hard for what you need and give back 10% to God through the church. That did more damage to me than I knew growing up. I never wanted to be rich, I just wanted enough money to get me by. Enough to take me to the next payday and not wanting anything extra.

Job Security

When I first joined the local police force they kept telling us, “if you want to be rich this isn’t the job for you but it’s a good secure job for life.” And you know what? I was O.K with that because I had no desire to become rich. I was satisfied with the less than $2000 monthly salary I was receiving. The really sad part was I was willing to wait yearly for the $100 increment that would be added to it. I actually told myself that when I’m doing 10 years I will be making the full salary in my position. I wasn’t interested in promotion either. Anytime I wanted extra money all I had to do was perform extra duties and then wait 2 months for the extra money. Quite silly I know. But that was the life I chose and I suffered for it.

My Health

Over time, I developed a really bad back problem due to an incident I had when I was a teenager. Along with the long hours of standing on my feet and walking around, all the extra duties, along with normal duties had to stop. And guess what, my salary had to stop as well.

So everything I was told came to light as being just another lie. A sweet comforting lie at that, to keep me in the rat race where I lived for years, and it felt good until my income stopped. Even if I tried to get another job where I didn’t have to be on my feet so often it would be impossible. With so little academic qualifications and so much sick leave racked up against my name, all people would say is that it looked bad on my records. They would not even care about my health.

They’re a lot of people in similar or worst situations than I was. The sad thing is, that they’re not even aware that they can get out of that situation.  They can become rich and start from nothing because of what people with the poverty mindset had shown them.

That’s why I have embarked on my journey to help millions of people to escape the rat race and become financially independent. I’m going to succeed, no matter how long it takes or how many obstacles I encounter because I know that they’re people out there that need me.

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking other people to live  as one wishes to live” – Oscar Wilde

Lack of Faith

“By being persistent, you’re demonstrating faith. Persistence is simply another word for faith. If you didn’t have faith, you’d never persist” -Earl Nightingale

Once you’ve made that decision and blocked out every negative thing that stops you, you now have to have faith that you’re going to achieve your goal and persist to work towards it. Lack of faith WILL stop you in your tracks and allow its opposite (fear) to take over.

Fear has stopped many a man and woman on giving up completely on their dreams. It makes you settle for just enough and to conform to the norms of man that wants nothing better for himself.

Fear of

  • Criticism
  • Failure
  • Hatred
  • Communication

it doesn’t take money to make money, it takes courage to make money.Grant Cardone

He’s right by the way, those who fear, fail to attempt and stay broke and struggling. You’ve got to have courage which therefore translates to faith. With strong courage and faith, you will without a shadow of a doubt, achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Just being plain lazy

Being lazy, not wanting to put in the work, the long hours and the effort to achieve your goal will kill it even if you have the faith to accomplish what you started. With success, you have to be dedicated or face failure at every try. There’s a lot of work and long hours involved. So you have to be ready to make that sacrifice, then one day you’ll have all the time in the world. So be dedicated.

Get out of the lazy mindset and habits if you really want to be successful. Put aside the partying, the binge watching of series and the romance novels that will not educate you on the subject of success.  Go out and get the knowledge you need.  Go after your goal with all your time and energy. Think about your future and plan for it carefully, it’s vitally important.Super Summer Travel Deals! Use Code SUMMER20 & Save up to $20!Book NOW! Go make that money, whether you do it online or in the real world. Learn Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Read books on How To Become A Millionaire, How To Get Rich, How To Become Wealthy, Self Improvement Books and videos, learn how to sell.

Earl Nightingale once said, “selling is the world’s highest paid profession,” and he’s right. I’ve seen people in Facebook Groups asking for ways to make money but don’t want to sell. That’s a sure way to failure. To attain financial freedom and assurance. You have to become a good salesman or woman and sell products that are needed and useful

So make the decision today.  Work towards your goal like you’ve never worked for anything else before.

This is Corey-Al Francois saying keep pushing. never give up and never give in.

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Hustle until you don’t have to struggle – then keep hustling so you can help others that are still struggling.Grant Cardone

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