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What Hair Type Do You Have?

What Hair Type Do You Have?

What hair type do you have? When one thinks about natural hair it is often perceived as being hard, knotty, kinky or just plain boring. I remembered growing up when it was time to get your hair braided. The process of your mother having to comb you’re hair or having to get out the ironing comb plays a major part in why most people prefer to straighten their hair.
Now for those of you that don’t know what an ironing comb is, it is a metal comb used to straighten moderate to coarse hair to create a smoother hair texture. The modern type can be seen below.

post-image-2Ironing Combs

These ironing combs are then placed over the stove. Thinking about it now I can feel the burn, some of you ladies will know what I’m talking about. Sitting in a chair and your mother telling you to keep your head quiet while she straightens your hair.

These experiences have their part to play in why some women prefer to straighten hair and use many natural hair products.  These products help with the stress of dealing with it.
Society and the media have also indoctrinated us into thinking that having straight hair is better than embracing our natural God-given.

Natural Hair

Now I’m not going to lie, having natural hair can be a bit of a challenge. I would know, having to decide on what to do with it. Should I braid it, weave it, rock a twist out or just put the hair up in one. But in my experience, all hair can be challenging whether it’s weave, braids or natural hair you have to maintain your hair regardless, so really and truly there is no such thing as the natural hair struggle.

In The Know

Knowing your hair type and the correct products to use can make the world of difference. Today we will list a few products to help with this, first, let’s figure out what type of hair do you have. Below is a list of the types of hair categories, each one of us falls into a category. Which is yours? Comment below.
There are four hair types
Type 1 – Straight Hair    —–    Type 2 – Wavy Hair

Type 3 – Curly Hair           —–    Type 4 – Kinky Hair / Tight Coils

And as you can see the types are further broken down into A B & C so you can know your specific hair type.

What Type Of Hair Do Have?
Let us know by commenting below. We have added a few items for natural hair below, we hope you like it.

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