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Females With True Inner Beauty

I would like to speak today about the Inner beauty of a woman. No, I’m not a dermatologist, hairdresser, cosmetologist, or fashion coordinator, just the normal heterosexual with an affection for the opposite sex. Having always known the differences between boys and girls and males and females, but this did not become clear to me until I started high school where I noticed the girls were beginning to apply makeup, change the styles of there hair, and wear more attractive clothing. I guess this was the way our mating rituals as the boys began and made us be aware and take notice.

Beauty Sirens!

I have noticed for many years that women depend mostly on their physical appearance to lure a male. This is why millions, no billions of dollars, are spent on cosmetic products for lips, eyes, nails, skin, nails, hair, legs, even the fragrance of women. Do not forget the genuineness of the apparel industry which includes not just clothes, but hats and shoes as well. It is obviously a tremendous business. Some women are naturally gorgeous and know it. Some others have to work at it.
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Physical Appearance

Sometimes I wonder though if females are really too dependent on physical looks and overlook the allure of their personality. Over the years I have met many females who may have been lacking a beautiful appearance. There are amazingly sensual just from their personality alone. They may have a good sense of humor, a way about them, a confidence, or something simply feminine. I think they just feel great in their own skin and know how to make others around them feel the same way. Perhaps this is the “feminine mystique” I have been hearing about for all these years. I have witness females who know how to lighten up a room with nothing more than their smile and a simple wave of their hand, yet are considered not so beautiful otherwise. Men gravitate to a such female naturally as they are more friendly as opposed to a beauty with an amazing figure, simply because they know how to carry a conversation and make the people in the vicinity them feel at peace.

No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautifulEleanor Roosevelt

Some people think such things as sexual intercourse and preparing meals are part of the allure of females. I believe there are many males who think this way. but as for me, such things are nothing more than the frosting on the cake. Any relationship that is based on this alone is fated to fail.

Spending Money

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the physical appearance, I wish they would spend a just a little time on nourishing their personality, something that can put males at peace, even be disarmingly flirtatious. The most males can be intimidated by a captivating beauty, thereby considering them on a pedestal. After they have muster up the courage to speak to such a female, they are shocked! when they find there is nothing special behind the exterior appearance. rather, they would be able to enjoy the female’s company submissive to a male. In fact, I find that not appealing. The females who possess a wit, a nice heart, a peacefulness about them, confidence, a sense of humor, and love about themselves in spite of some physical defect can be so much more captivating and be stimulating than a beauty queen.
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I guess what I’m describing is the “inner beauty” of a female, which can be incredibly appealing, and I suppose it is virtually no difference in how females consider males. However, for the persons who lack both an outer and inner beauty, I hope they’re great food in the kitchen or bedroom. Either that or they are beginning to frequent the salon, gym or a voice coach. Otherwise, they are going to remain a rather lonely person for a very long time.

Females With True Inner Beauty

In every person, there is inner beauty some have to search harder to find it and some can see it from the outside but sometimes our eyes can be deceiving trust your heart and don’t forget to Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful, Live Beautifully. – 8KBEAUTY.

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