Dry Skin Tip – 5 Tips On Dealing Ashy Skin

Dry Skin Tip – 5 Tips On Dealing With Ashy Skin

Dry skin is an issue which not only occurs during the cold winter season but also during summer as well. The problem that affects many people is the increased humidity inside in the winter and outdoors in the summertime.

Symptoms of dry skin include redness and a tight sensation when you attempt to bend your fingers or even in the slightest motion of your hand. In the case of skin that is dry, bleeding and cracking can occur. This is the part that can be embarrassing as well as very debilitating. There are many tips to help while it often appears there is no way to end this discomfort.

Dry Skin Tip # 1

Utilize a soap which has moisturizing lotion. This will be gentler on your skin and will add moisture. If at all possible, avoid soaps that dry skin out or strip it.

Dry Skin Tip # 2

While it’s very important to maintain appropriate hygiene, washing your hands or showering a number of times each day may encourage dry skin. It is every bit as important to dry your skin thoroughly to prevent it from chapping, after washing.

Dry Skin Tip # 3

One of the most effective dry skin care products is Pacquin Plus Dry Skin Cream, which can be sold in 8oz. bottles. This thick lotion provides immediate relief for skin that is dry and can be applied to not just the hands, but the body too.

Dry Skin Tip # 4

Use an excellent exfoliation product to remove dry and/or dead skin cells. By removing the dead cells, you will expose healthy ones and may be better able to resist nature’s harmful effects.

Dry Skin Tip # 5

If the issue worsens or persists, consult a dermatologist. In some instances, over-the-counter products may not be able to deal with severe cases of dry skin. A dermatologist has the capability to advocate.

This article is to be used for informational purposes only and is not meant to be utilized as professional medical advice. The information included herein shouldn’t be utilized in place of, or in conjunction with, the recommendation of a doctor. Any individual who develops a severe case of dry skin that does not adhere to over-the-counter treatment should consult with a certified dermatologist for therapy and diagnosis.

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