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Customers Are They Always Right ?

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Different Types Of Customers

Customers and having to deal with the different types of people that walk this earth can be very challenging. Adapting to the different attitudes can also be quite stressful. People often say that you should not let the behavior of the customers affect you or bother you. How can it not affect you? Having to deal with multiple customers one after the other with the same disturbing attitude, will bother you. Maybe it’s me. My tolerance level for rude and uncouth behavior is very low. So…… I guess maybe I’m the only one in the world that would be bothered by this.

Job Requirements

Customer friendly is what my job entails but most days this is really hard. I try. Answer me this? How are you supposed to serve a customer, with a smile, who is cursing you? Telling you all kinds of disgusting things. Do you think that customers should be served just because you are here to provide a service? I think not! I find that as total disrespect. That you should be the bigger person and show them that it doesn’t affect you. Well, I don’t think so still.  This will give them the feeling that they can continue to do this every time they have to deal with you. It will also show others that they can come and be disrespectful to you also. I just don’t think this is fair. There should be a line!

BH CosmeticsPeople Person

I am not a people person. I would rather deal with papers than people. The level of stupidity also is quite shocking. People prefer nowadays for you to tell them everything instead of them having to read and understand for themselves. They would ask questions before you are finished explaining, take out parts and proceed with their own interpretation. They then have to return because the information they gathered was not correct. I can’t deal with that because then they want to “get on bad”  when they have to come back to you. They blame you. Whose fault is it?  Theirs? They did not hear, listen or try to understand what was being said. My face and my attitude changes depending on how you approach me. I’m sorry. I”m not going to smile while you tell me the most hurtful things. It’s impossible.

Am I Friendly

Customer friendly I can be………… some of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not intentionally rude or anything. Like I said before, paper to people. I’m antisocial. I don’t like mixing or talking to people. After years of doing my job, I’m still not sociable. I just don’t think I’ll ever be. I show up, do what I have to and just try to get through the days. Most days are upsetting and stressful and I just try to make it through. I’m surprised I’ve lasted so long. For a reasonably quiet person, I get hot under the collar pretty quickly, so if you “mash my corns”, so to speak, you will probably get the wrath of my tongue…….. or not. I’m not one for confrontations anyway.

Job Training

I’ve been trained in customer service. But no amount of training can prepare you for the level of disrespect and humiliation you will receive. It’s quite upsetting when you have to get up and repeat the process every day. But….. i”ve got to survive. Bills have to be paid, children have to be fed, etc. So, I suck it up and endure the torture of having to do this every day.  I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this wayThough. We’ve got to do what we have to in order to get through. Times are changing and having disrespectful customers should be a thing of the past.

Anyone who disrespects an employee to the point that he or she does not feel emotionally able to complete the task at hand should be asked to leave without conducting business. I understand that everyone has their own personal battles fighting.  How can you treat someone who is willing to serve you like a piece of garbage?  Is the customer always right? That’s bullshit, and I agree with great customer service for the ones who deserve it.

Tell me what you think, is the customer always right? Should you as a human being take the disrespect and hate towards you because you are in a job that requires a smile on your face no matter what a person tells you?  Am I just a disgruntled worker? Tell me what you think. Comment below and share this post and remember to: Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful, Live Beautifully. – 8KBEAUTY.

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